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Success by the 80/20 rule
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There has never been an era when data has been so central to the success of an organization.  Whether to analyze product purchases, create forward-looking analysis or manage supply chain activities, marketing analysis, financial records, or cyber security-related events.  

At Dawnbreaker Studios we understand that not all data is not simply in-house or stored in the cloud and it can reside at various disparate sources.  We also know clients have a multitude of choices when it comes to software selection, especially around data analytics and business intelligence solutions and platforms.

We, at Dawnbreaker Studios, are platform agnostic, meaning we are not chained to a single vendor, and we understand there is no such thing as one size fits all. 

Our mission, while simple, is to assist you cut through the confusion of all the multitudes of platforms, solutions and one offs and really look at your company holistically, and not just from a budgetary perspective or functional perspective. We look to leverage your existing technology investments and see what tools, solutions and or platforms might best fit within it.  We look at what are the must have feature sets and what are the like to have feature sets. Gaps that might exist within your pool of resources and subject matter experts who wish to leverage such tools, and or platforms.

We deploy an 80/20 rule with all our clients. Does the solution meet 80% of your requirements and of the remaining 20% what are the must haves and cost associate?

We look at not only at the configurational or setup costs of the solution, but how much customization may be required. Our approach looks for the lowest hanging fruit, how much does the tool provide out-of-the-box, etc. and how easily can it connect with various data sources no matter where they reside.

Implementation of such solutions often fail or becomes cost-prohibitive due to lack of upfront estimations, proper requirements and alignments, lack of understanding of the tools or platform, and stakeholder buy-in.  We assist our client through the entire process as we begin to understand stakeholder requirements and your current IT investments both technological and resources and see what can be leveraged.  Do you have the right investments, or do you need to augment?  We don’t simply provide a quote to implement a solution without first understanding if these early steps have been taken and reviewing their results or outcomes.

The outcome will be the best of breed in business intelligence data analytic solution and platform that can assist the client in managing everything from data collection, data analysis, reporting, and dashboarding/visualizations that are appropriate and useful to stakeholders.

We look at everything surrounding the objective to formulate a proper path forward that can scale as the company scales and remains within budget while meeting the needs of each stakeholder.


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Cybersecurity Compliance

Cloud strategies tailored towards your company's needs. Providing subject matter expertise to build an infrastructure & platform with leading Cloud providers such as Microsoft and Amazon Web services. Solutions are practical and enable customers to achieve cost saving cloud solutions.

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It is critical that there is effective and centralized information and collaboration management in place for a successful company. To create a collaborative environment, there has to be a platform for easy sharing of ideas, fostering innovation, creating an environment whether teams are centralized or not, that allows ease of operation.


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Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, enable organizations to manage, maintain and excel in all things related to their customer. Dawnbreaker Studios provides subject matter expertise that assists organizations to manage their correspondence, process claims, manage contracts, and improve customer engagements.