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Welcome To Our Consulting Firm

We provide services to ensure success across your company's technology needs by providing the following consulting services:

  • Cloud Services
  • Cybersecurity Compliance
  • Relationship Management
  • Portal & Collaboration
  • Data Analytics
  • Mobile Enablement
  • Process Automation
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Welcome to Dawnbreaker Studios
Dawnbreaker Studios provides premier consulting services,
subject matter expertise, and technical solutions
to federal and commercial organizations.

We help organizations achieve their vision of growth
agility, speed, productivity, and efficiency.

How We Work

The Four Pillars of a Successful Business

Most small and medium size firms do not have the in-house expertise to use the technologies that are available to manage their teams, finances, sales and data. Our goal is to assist your company on a path that you can build on without the enormous costs. We like to come in before you begin to hire a vendor to implement a solution. Our purpose is to ensure that the technology being implemented is the right fit for your current business requirements and has the ability to scale as you scale.

We do that through understanding your overall business, your business processes, your people, and any existing technological investments as well as your data. We look to reduce the cost of overruns on the one hand while overseeing the deliverables on the other so that team leaders can focus on the overall mission of the company.



Your people are at the heart of the company and are its pulse. Understanding how they do their work, what processes they follow and how they utilize technologies, provides some of the foundational work necessary for a successful project implementation.



Understanding the various processes that are in place and how each part of the company is engaged in that process. We seek not only to understand the process but also look for areas where efficiencies can be gained.



Any piece of technology is simply a tool and is only as good as what has been fed to it. The adage "Junk in Junk Out" cannot be overstated; however, finding the right technology and or solution that best fits the organization is critical not only from solving a problem but also from the standpoint of user adoption which is where most implementations fail.



Your data is at the heart of every decision, process and solution. From securing the data to how users interact with it; we look at the whole package to ensure its secure, but also searchable and actionable.

What We Offer

Information Technology Consulting Services

Prior to engaging a vendor to implement a specific technology, we like to engage our clients to assist in ensuring proper analysis, documentation, scoping, technologies and other investments are properly accounted for. Thereby reducing and in most cases eliminating any potential pitfalls most small and medium sized businesses find themselves in when implementing new technologies and when engaging in complex projects like digital transformation.
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Our Mission

Our Mission is to Turn Your Business Objectives into Project Successes.

We assist our clients in setting the appropriate scope, measures and objectives with realistic timelines and budgets that are aligned with the appropriate set of technological tools.

Technology is merely a tool and not a silver bullet, and the top reasons IT projects fail within an organization, according to Project Management Institute (PMI) are in part due to the following:

Reasons IT Projects Fail

Inaccurate Requirements
Change in Organizational Priorities
Shifting Project Objectives
Inaccurate Estimates
Unexpected Risks
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