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Cybersecurity Compliance

Cybersecurity compliance isn’t easy. There are dozens of acronyms, hundreds of controls, and many business owners find themselves completely overwhelmed.
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Dawnbreaker Studios helps organizations assess their security gaps, write policies and procedures, and develop strategies for implementing an appropriate cybersecurity posture that is compliant, embraces best practices, and that includes training and hands-on guidance.

Whether your organization is required by law such as HIPPA, or must meet regulator standards such as FedRAMP, NIST, CIS or even a private industry group such as Payment Card Industry (PCI), and or needs to be ISO compliant we can assist you to meet those necessary requirements.

Many companies do not have the proper tools, procedures and or resources to implement and or to manage such complex regulatory standards and requirements. Even some large organizations such as hospitals, energy companies and alike have difficulty managing and maintaining proper cybersecurity posture and or implementing a cybersecurity risk management framework. At Dawnbreaker Studios, we utilize solutions that are industry accepted to test network integrities, phishing attacks and simulate other types cyber attacks. Don't wait until your organization has been breached, contact us now for a security assessment.

Cisco indicates that successful spear phishing attacks are accountable for 95% of breaches in enterprise networks with phishing attempts soaring by 667% in March alone and accounting for over $2.3 million losses to cyber criminals. At Dawnbreaker Studios we look to not only technological means and tools to prevent such attacks, but we know employee training is also a big factor in ensuring proper risk management and alignment.

Cloudflare also observed an increase in the number of large Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. A DDoS attack uses a tool, like a bot, that floods the network with signals over and over again, which eventually causes the network to stop being able to process genuine requests from users or other parts of the network. At Dawnbreaker Studios we take several measures to protect your business from such attacks inclusive of the necessary hardware and other protective tools, we also ensure proper resource alignment and an incident management framework that provides a plan should such an attack occur, to minimize risk to your business and organization.

Can your organization survive a ransomware, phishing and or DDoS attacks? The basic solutions such as malware and anti-virus protections and proper firewall configuration, while necessary, are not enough. If you are a small or medium sized business you are at the highest level of risk. We highly recommend taking measured and highly strategic approaches that fit your time and budget. Contact us for a free consultation and or to schedule a security assessment.

Basic Cybersecurity Planning Strategies

  • What regulations and or laws must be complied with?
  • What type of data is being stored and or processed?
  • Who will manage cybersecurity compliance requirements?
  • How will risk & vulnerability assessments be conducted?
  • How will technical controls based on requirements and risk tolerance be implemented?

Most Common Types Of Cyber Attacks

Social Engineering (Phishing)
Spear Phishing
Brute Force Attacks
Malware (Ransomware Attacks)
Distributed Denial Of Service (DDoS)
Responsible vendors will seek to understand the type of data that is being collected, how it is being stored, shared and or used. They will also address how it is being managed and maintained. Once an assessment has been completed and the level service established, a proposal is given that establishes cost and time.
Even if none of the regulatory requirements apply to your organization, having a well established cybersecurity posture can save an organization time and money. Small and medium sized companies have been victims of ransomware and phishing attacks that almost halted their businesses entirely. Don't wait for an attack, be proactive and seek professional consultants to assist.
Dawnbreaker Studios can augment and assist in providing such services in order to maintain the designated cybersecurity posture.


Free Cybersecurity Compliance Consultation

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